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Aviva Coaching is a one-on-one, patient-centered chiropractic practice management consulting company that utilizes the tools of positive psychology to coach your team and align your purpose.


Are you looking for a coach that sees your unique strengths and can hold you accountable for growing personally and professionally?


Do you believe that you can create a practice environment that empowers your team to go beyond the traditional focus on performance and create well-being?


Do you desire ethical office systems that blend your professional values and beliefs with proven methods for efficiency, productivity and profitability?


Are you thinking about hiring an associate or opening a satellite? Are you looking for ways to have more freedom in your life?

Do you want to learn more about one-on-one coaching?

Schedule a 30-minute complimentary call with Dr. Mary today!

About Dr. Mary:

Dr. Mary combines traditional chiropractic practice management with positive psychology so you get the best of both worlds. A consultant that shares 25 years of practice experience and a coach that supports you every step of the way both personally and professionally. She is globally minded and has worked internationally with diverse cultures. You will find her to be empathetic and intuitively gifted at asking the right questions to promote confidence and momentum that unleashes higher levels of performance.

“It is part of our nature to want goals. However, the attainment of goals does not lead to more happiness. Properly understood goals that are in alignment with your purpose, personal interest and values will lead to higher levels of well-being.”

Dr. Mary

Mary E. Sanders, D.C., CiPP

Dynamic Monthly Packages Available:

Practice AssessmentIn depth analysis of the current state of your practice to determine the course of action.
1:1 CoachingFocused one-on-one coaching calls to encourage you to push yourself to excel and embrace your authentic leadership.
Onsite Launch MeetingDr. Mary will travel to your office in the UK and facilitate a team meeting to launch the coaching relationship. This will promote associate on-boarding and team cohesiveness.
Clinic Owner ConsultingMonthly consulting calls are scheduled to assist you with high level decisions and strategic growth planning.
Associate DevelopmentBi-weekly one-on-one calls are scheduled with the associates to ensure professional and personal success.
Team SupportMonthly virtual meetings will be scheduled with your team to unlock talents and strengths.
Office SystemsReproducible systems designed to enhance patient communication and team efficiency.

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